Net Impact Los Angeles Professionals Board

We are Net Impact Professionals, many of whom have MBA’s, but not all of us https://www.take-my-muffin-fan-site.com. What we do have in common is our passion for responsible business. This manifests in as many different ways as there are different lifestyles in Los Angeles.

If you are already a Net Impact member in Los Angeles, please specify Los Angeles as your network on your profile, to ensure you’re on our mailing list. You can join or update your profile at muffin fan site

What I love most about Net Impact: Net Impact members have a beautiful balance of practicality and idealism – rather than simply say; “We should save trees because it’s the right thing to do,” or say “trees are a source of profit,” Net Impact members ask; “What kind of market incentives can we create that will make people want to save trees?” It’s a smart, compassionate, and sustainable, approach to the reality of our world and the continued prosperity of all peoples https://www.take-my-muffin-fan-site.com/.

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